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Three Ceremonies, One Couple: A Different Wedding Story

I love all of my couple’s stories, but in 2019 one story stood out more than most. It involves one couple and three ceremonies, and I thought it would be lovely to share it with you

It all began in May 2019, when I received an email from them:


A couple of weeks ago my partner and I decided that we would like to have a wedding ceremony during our holiday to the Maldives in June! We have now booked the ceremony and will be doing this on our own, on the beach, without any guests.

We would then like to have an intimate ceremony with close family and friends after our holiday.
We have provisionally booked a venue – Rugby School – Sunday 25th August 2019 at approximately 3pm.

Many thanks

Charlotte & Lee

The first step was for me to meet with them. We met up one evening for drinks and instantly got on really well. As always, I then sent them a questionnaire so that I could find out more about them and get all the right details for their ceremony. They completed it with lots of information, especially after they returned from the Maldives.

It was then that I found out the reasons why they were having three ceremonies:

Ceremony 1: The Maldives

The reason for the Maldives was quite simply because they loved it there. It was a perfect day in paradise, just the two of them, bare foot on the beach. The day started with them being whisked away to a private island. After a couple of hours of pampering and relaxation in the spa, they then separated. Charlotte spent a few hours in hair and make-up, whilst Lee enjoyed himself exploring the island on a bike, drinking and eating.

In a sizzling hot 32 degrees of heat, wearing a heavy 7 layered dress, Charlotte finally made it down to the beach for the ceremony, travelling on a wedding buggy decorated with fresh flowers.

Once at the beach, Charlotte was given a bouquet of roses and was met with the most beautiful wooden cabana, flowers, torches and, of course, the very important boduberu drummers. With the white sand, turquoise blue sea and a chain of stunning water villas in the background, it’s not hard to understand why they wanted to get married there.

Ceremony 2: The Legal Part

The legal element is obviously vital for any wedding, but it’s not always easy to combine the legalities with the dream. After the Maldives, Charlotte and Lee really wanted an outdoor wedding for the ceremony that they were going to have with their family and friends, and they had their heart set on Rugby School as the venue as it had personal meaning to them. However, the only place the registrar could legally marry them at Rugby School was the licenced ‘designated place’ under the cold and dark arches in the courtyard.

They didn’t want to compromise on the venue or the setting, and so they decided to just have a quick and small legal ceremony at Glenfield registry office to complete this necessary part, before then holding the wedding they truly wanted afterwards. Only their parents were in attendance at the registry office.

More than just considering the venue and setting, the couple also wanted a very personal ceremony. They wanted to include their own story, talk about their first wedding in the Maldives, and they wanted to make their own vows. They also wanted to include their beloved dog Deefer. This meant that a Celebrant service ceremony was the ideal choice.

Ceremony 3: Family and Friends

They had their final ceremony in the perfect venue for them: Rugby School. It was conducted in The Quad, which is part of The Old Big School, and they then had their reception at Cafe Vin Cinq nearby. They chose a Sunday on a Bank Holiday weekend, using a Celebrant meant that they had the full flexibility of everything, allowing them to have the location, day, reception, timing and personalisation that they really wanted.

It was a wedding celebration to remember forever, and I was so pleased that I could be a part of it. They got to include all the elements that were special to them.

Choosing a Celebrant really does offer so much flexibility if you too are looking for a more bespoke, personalised event.

I’d just like to leave you with the very kind note that I received from the lovely couple after the event:

Thank you so much for delivering our wedding ceremony at Rugby School. We loved how personal the service was – so much better than just having a registrar! We had a wonderful day from start to finish – even though I managed to pick the hottest bank holiday on record!

Thanks again for all your help! Love Charlotte & Lee x



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