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Planning a Wedding: Should You Attend a Wedding Fair?

I have attended many wedding fairs over the last few years, and no matter where they are, I always think they are fabulous. So if you’re not sure whether it’s worth attending a wedding fair, here are my top reasons for why you absolutely should!

  1. Information Gathering

One of the main reasons that I enjoy going to wedding fairs is that I love talking to people. Through this I’ve found that many couples aren’t aware of just what’s available for them on their wedding day. You really can have the bespoke wedding you want. And it’s at wedding fairs that you can gather so much information and get to ask those questions.

I’ve chatted to a few couples who hadn’t considered that they could have an outdoor wedding, but actually really liked the idea. Did you also know that you can have the wedding whenever you want? If you want to have your ceremony at 5pm, but there is no registrar available, that’s not a problem with a Celebrant. You can complete the legal part anytime and then I can conduct a beautiful bespoke ceremony at the exact time that suits you.

I love educating couples about the choices they have and how inclusive and bespoke a ceremony can be. Pets, children, themes – they can all be included in my ceremonies! So if you’re in the early stages of planning, you could learn so much.

  1. Inspiration

Many couples attend wedding fairs for inspiration. With so much choice on offer these days, and a world of themes to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming. You could actually see colours and fabrics in real life, which you just can’t appreciate online. You could also get ideas for cakes, flowers and decorations to help you finalise those all important decisions.

Many wedding fairs take place at the venue where couples are booked and the venue is usually set up as a mock wedding day. This could help you visualise how it will look and, as I say to many of my couples, also decide what you do and don’t want.

  1. Find suppliers

Your big day is likely to be made up of many suppliers. Musicians, florists, photographers, magicians, suit hire, dressmakers, cake decorators… the list goes on. Whilst you could do a lot of research online, being able to chat with local suppliers, share your ideas and get a feel for how they could help you could be really useful.

It is also an added bonus when all your suppliers work together to make your day special. I have many contacts in the industry, and I have built a lot of these relationships at wedding fairs.

  1. Time Saving

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, so if you can meet a range of suppliers in one go, whilst at the same time gathering information and getting that inspiration, that’s a huge time saving. In just an hour or two at a wedding fair you could probably have done quite a lot and it will definitely help you with those important decisions.

  1. Visit the Venue

Whilst you could go to the big wedding fairs at conference centres, many wedding venues, such as hotels, hold their own wedding fairs. I love attending the fairs in my favourite venues. It’s good for me to get to know the venue and build new relationships, but for couples it’s a great way to see what the venue is like and view different rooms. You’ll also get to meet the team and find out if this venue really is perfect for you.

  1. Day Out

Some couples attend the bigger fairs, such as the National Wedding Show in Birmingham, and they see it as a day out with their wedding party. There are often many freebies on offer, glasses of bubbly and plenty of nibbles, so it can be a really fun way to spend a day with those closest to you. There could also be live bands exhibiting and bridal fashion shows, and there is likely to be a few ‘show deals’ that you can snap up, from dresses to venues, offering a discount for booking or purchasing on the day.

  1. Meet Your Suppliers

Meeting your suppliers in person is so important, and this can be a great way to spend some time with a few of them all in one go. It’s also a good way to build relationships with the people who are helping you. Weddings are very personable, and hopefully you only have your big day once, so you want suppliers that suit you, that meet your standards and values, and that really understand your vision for the day. A wedding fair can be your chance to get to know them

If you’re planning your wedding, here are some upcoming wedding fairs that might be of interest:

The Draycote Hotel

Sunday 26th June 2022- Tickets on Eventbrite

I look forward to seeing you there!! x



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